David Benjoya



I'm a lifelong Brooklynite recently relocated to Berlin. (A happy coincidence, I assure you.) I attended Berklee College of Music in the late 13th century. On these recordings, I play guitar, piano, bass, banjo, saz, pedal steel, harmonica, trombone, sax, live and programmed keys and percussion, with help from Jacob Müller (trumpet, percussion), Gavin Smith (accordion, alto sax), and Ross Bonadonna (baritone sax). Arrangements in Sibelius, recording and editing in Logic.

Past Projects

Waste, Fraud and Abuse, The Musical
A political farce produced at the 13 Street Repertory Theater, New York

Food On You
Songs about the first year of parenthood, often inappropriate for children

The Screaming Majority
Weekly news-oriented songs written on deadline for Sam Seder's Majority Report podcast


Moondog's Lament

Out Walked Bud

Space Chantey

Big Sadie

Muy Dismal

Steady Loop



Nordic Strings

Bill, Strong Like Bull

Electric One



Happy Man of Europe

Schmutzig Freundlich