David Benjoya



I'm a born and bred Brooklynite living in Berlin. Ick spreche comische Deutsch! I once attended Berklee College of Music, but I got better. I kid! Arrangements in Sibelius, recording and editing in Logic, except a couple of the old ones done in Garageband. I'm looking for filmmakers to collaborate with. Or filmmakers with whom to collaborate, if you wanna be a jerk about it.

Past Projects

Waste, Fraud and Abuse, The Musical
A political farce produced at the 13 Street Repertory Theater, New York

Food On You
Songs about the first year of parenthood, often inappropriate for children

The Screaming Majority
Weekly news-oriented songs written on deadline for Sam Seder's Majority Report podcast


We Found the Gold

Moondog's Lament


Bill, Strong Like Bull

The Right Whale

Muy Dismál


Grady's Grove

Nordic Strings


Out Walked Bud

Izmir Stomp

Alexandria the Beautiful

Sunlight Mile


Love Is Not Debt

Schmutzig Freundlich

People, We Dodged a Bullet Today

Big Sadie


Nevertheless, She Persisted

Rashida, Defender of Our Homeland(ITMFA)/Los Estados Nuevos Video

Electric One

Flamingo v Gorilla


Coffee Bird