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The Kitchen Theatre Company, Ithaca, New York, 2014

The Fritz Remond Theater, Frankfurt, Germany, 2014, as Das Haus

Frederick’s Place Theatre/So and So Arts, London, UK, 2015

The Human Race Theatre Company, Dayton, Ohio, 2017

Maltings Arts Theatre, St. Albans, UK, 2017

Bread and Roses Theatre, London, UK, 2017

Assembly, Edinburgh, UK, 2018

The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan, 2019

TheaterLust, Munich, Germany, 2019, as Das Haus




“If the laugh meter had been on, the opening night audience would have broken it, as the onstage antics prompted grins and guffaws and outright howling.” –  ITHACA JOURNAL

“Director Margarett Perry whips it up to a ferocious pace while staying true to the play’s rhythms. Parks’ dialogue comes in whiplash fragments of conversation, zipping between the actors like pinball or a super fast handball game, landing in a small burst of an outrageous declaration before taking a swift turn into a dazzling non sequitur. Then with a tiny breath the next fusillade begins. …A top-flight cast of Kitchen veterans tears up the stage with zeal.” – ITHACA TIMES

“The House is so hilarious you may awaken the following morning with the urge to continue howling, or at the very least giggle your way to the breakfast table. Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house will relate. Anyone who has not will digest this experience and proceed with caution when their time comes.”- BBGI BLOG

“The talented cast of this edgy production steadily escalate the dramatic tension, demonstrating, with words and actions, the great lengths people will go to in order to preserve the integrity of the special place they call home.”  TOMPKINS WEEKLY


In German-language markets, the play, translated as Das Haus by John von Duffel, is handled by Per Lauke of Per Lauke Verlag, Hamburg.

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Der amerikanische Bühnenautor Brian Parks hat ein konfliktträchtiges Konversationsstück über den Kauf eines Hauses geschrieben, das erst nächste Woche in New York im Original aufgeführt wird […] Ihre Aggressionen entfachen nach langem Schwelbrand einen Feuersturm der Emotionen, der durch den friedlichen Salon fegt und zuletzt alles in Schutt und Asche legt. Beim Publikum hat er gezündet.” (FAZ 13.09.2014)

Es beginnt harmlos, nett und freundlich. Und es endet im Chaos, in der Anarchie und in einer absoluten Katastrophe. […] Je länger das Schauspiel voranschreitet, desto schwärzer, kruder und grotesker wird es. So etwas hat man an diesem Traditionshaus wohl noch nie erlebt.” (FNP 13.09.2014)

Mit einer echten Uraufführung beginnt das Zoo Theater sehr amerikanisch die neue Spielzeit: “Das Haus” von Brian Parks. Gekämpft wird mit harten Bandagen. Vier wunderbare Schauspieler liefern sich eine vergnügliche Zimmerschlacht.” (BILD 12.09.2014)


Photo: Dave Burbank

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  1. Carol Woolnoth Dec 12, 2014 2:45 pm

    Dear Brian,

    A friend of mine has recommeded that I read your play, ‘The House’ as he thinks it might be suitable for us to produce here on the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain.

    We are an English speaking amateur theatre group founded in 1975 and always on the look out for good new plays to put on. You can see a lot about our history and activities by looking at our website.

    Please could you tell me how I can get a copy and if the rights would be available to amateurs.

    Very many thanks

    Carol Woolnoth

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