The Golfer



The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, New York, 2016



In The Golfer, Flynn is an office worker whose one escape from the drudgery and pettiness of his office is a weekly round of golf. A lightning strike on the first tee, though, thrusts him into a strange alternate world, and onto an antic trek to escape its surreal clutches. As Flynn bounces from one peculiar encounter to the next, he meets odd people from his past, as well as such characters as Charlemagne, the Wife of Bath, the Tooth Fairy, the strange Posh Trio, and a Choir of the Eels, among many others. With 62 characters and 51 scenes, The Golfer is a fast-paced comic jaunt.

The Golfer‘s¬†premiere production won five 2016 Innovative Theater Awards:

Outstanding Ensemble: Fred Backus, Broderick Ballantyne, Rebecca Gray Davis, Lex Friedman, Ian W. Hill, Bob Laine, Matthew Napoli, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Alyssa Simon, Anna Stefanic

Outstanding Lead Actor: Fred Backus

Outstanding Supporting Actor: Timothy McCown Reynolds

Outstanding Innovative Design: Berit Johnson

Outstanding Costume Design: Kaitlyn Day


It also received two additional 2016 nominations:

Outstanding Sound Design: Ian W. Hill

Outstanding Original Music: Anna Stefanic






“A gleefully out-there dark comedy.” — Time Out New York

Critic’s Pick — Time Out New York

“A very funny writer.” — The Village Voice, on The Golfer


Cast: Seven to ten actors, gender flexible.

Running time: 75 to 80 minutes.


Photo: Timothy McCown Reynolds, Alyssa Simon, Broderick Merritt Ballantyne, and Bob Laine, as directed by Ian W. Hill. Costumes: Kaitlyn Day. Photo by Ian W. Hill.